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Dynamic Waterjet Cutting

A waterjet cutting system cuts metal and other materials with computer-controlled precision using high pressure water and abrasive. Dynamic Waterjet® features unique mathematical cutting models and a tilting head that allow for even greater precision, greater consistency, faster cuts, less than 1 degree tapering, and contouring cutting of 3-D objects. This precision makes the process ideal for applications where accuracy, consistency, and repeatability are critical. Heart of Texas Metalworks owns and maintains a Flow 6012 waterjet machine utilizing the Dynamic Waterjet® system.

Why choose waterjet cutting?

Here's what waterjet cutting offers over traditional machining techniques:

The Dynamic Waterjet Cutting Advantage

Waterjet cutting offers a number of benefits over traditional machining, but Dynamic Waterjet Cutting takes the process a step further. Whereas regular waterjet cutting has a stationary cutting head, the Dynamic Waterjet cutting equipment at Heart of Texas employs a tilting cutting head. Dynamic Waterjet cutting give you:

Waterjet Cutting is Ideal for: